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Remote IT Support - Safe and Easy

Remote IT Support – Safe and Easy

Following the latest advice on Social Distancing in regards to the Corona Virus Covid-19 measures, the elderly and vulnerable have already been asked to self-isolate and soon this may extend to many more people. But what if you’re stuck at home and your computer plays up? Who can help fix your problems and how? Remote […]

WordPress site too large warnings?

WordPress site too large warnings?

Your website is up and running beautifully one day, but then, out of the blue, you receive a message from your website hosting company telling you that your site is too large? Wait… What? Why? You haven’t made that many changes; so what’s happening? Is it Urgent? It’s not “you must drop everything right now” […]

Need for Speed

Remember the day you used your computer for the first time and just how quick it was then?    Unless you have been doing maintenance tasks on a regular basis and not made any changes to the set up of your computer (basically not really used it…), it is likely that your computer has slowed down over […]