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WordPress site too large warnings?

WordPress site too large warnings?

Your website is up and running beautifully one day, but then, out of the blue, you receive a message from your website hosting company telling you that your site is too large? Wait… What? Why? You haven’t made that many changes; so what’s happening? Is it Urgent? It’s not “you must drop everything right now” […]

PHP 5 end of life

PHP5 End of Life

Why it’s important to know if your website is using outdated PHP  If you have a website, then there is a good chance it is using PHP – and it’s important to know which version – because PHP 5 is going to leave your website extremely vulnerable come the end of this year…  What exactly […]


How to make your site secure #https

Ever wondered why some websites have a green padlock and start with “httpS” whilst others with “http” show up as “not secure”?      What exactly is https? Https is the new standard for websites across the internet: “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure” – the emphasis being on S for Secure. But how is it […]

Keeping WordPress Safe

Keeping WordPress Safe

If you thought that your website is not “important” enough to be hacked, think again!  Hackers don’t discriminate and certainly don’t just target high profile companies. WordPress is still our favourite Content Management System for Websites but with almost 30% of all websites using WordPress, it’s probably also one of the most targeted by hackers. […]

Webdesign Harrogate

WordPress 101

Webdesign Harrogate Did you know we design WordPress websites? What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source (free) Content Management System (CMS) used to create easy to maintain websites and blogs. It’s the main frame of a website that allows building blocks (“Plugins”) to be added to it if and when required to give it extra […]