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Remote IT Support - Safe and Easy

Remote IT Support – Safe and Easy

Following the latest advice on Social Distancing in regards to the Corona Virus Covid-19 measures, the elderly and vulnerable have already been asked to self-isolate and soon this may extend to many more people. But what if you’re stuck at home and your computer plays up? Who can help fix your problems and how? Remote […]

Passwords made Easy

Long gone are the days where we had to manage only a couple of memorable passwords. These days, we need usernames and password for just about everything, from banking to online shopping and social media. Passwords ABC A) Non-guessable      (i.e. not your children’s or pet names) B) Unique and not used for anything […]

What is Encryption and do I need it? #GDPR compliance

What is Encryption and do I need it? #GDPR compliance

Everybody is talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is coming into force on 25th May 2018. The official Guide by the ICO can be found here – with 12 Steps to take now.  As part of the directive, business owners have a duty to protect the data they hold and one form of […]

Back Up - the easy way!

Back Up – the easy way!

The most common reasons for backup fails are: Not knowing how to  Not realizing backup corruptions until disaster strikes   Do I really Need to Back-Up? YES! If you are using your computer for business, you have a legal responsibility to back up your data. But even if you are using your computer privately, it […]

The Real Cost of Data Loss

The Real Cost of Data Loss

 … and why we should REALLY back-up our files We know we should back-up our files – family photos, accounts, business files and of course everything else we really cannot afford to lose (like software licenses, emails…). But am I really at risk of data loss? So, you’re a “safe surfer”, have first-class Anti-Virus software […]

Back up – not off!

We probably all know we should be doing it, yet most of us either don’t do it at all, do it infrequently or are unsure if their backup system really works – until disaster strikes!  Is it really necessary?Can you really afford to lose all data and information on your computer like accounts, customer contact […]