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Remote IT Support - Safe and Easy

Remote IT Support – Safe and Easy

Following the latest advice on Social Distancing in regards to the Corona Virus Covid-19 measures, the elderly and vulnerable have already been asked to self-isolate and soon this may extend to many more people. But what if you’re stuck at home and your computer plays up? Who can help fix your problems and how? Remote […]

Java Palaver – but do you actually need it?

Java Palaver – but do you actually need it?

You have probably seen Java’s steaming coffee cup logo in your Computer’s taskbar at some point – with a prompt to install the latest version.  Whether I am with clients for training, or to troubleshoot software issues, one question that often comes up is what Java is and whether they actually need it and should […]

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Computer Health Checks – money worth spending?

  Computer Health Checks are usually a staple offering from every computer repair business – but do you really need it and is it money worth spending?   What exactly is a Computer Health Check? It’s a little bit like booking your car in for a Service. However, what exactly is included in a health […]


Stop those Windows Updates?

Hands up who hates Windows updates! They can be inconvenient, un-timely and cause havoc – so, are they necessary or can they be turned off? What are Windows updates? Microsoft releases regular Windows updates all the time – they range from new features to fixing problems and, most importantly, security patches that rectify security vulnerabilities, […]

How to use Cortana - Cortana Misunderstood - Parlez Vous Cortana?

How to use Cortana – Cortana Misunderstood – Parlez Vous Cortana?

Cortana was introduced for PCs with Windows 10 – and remains one of the best, yet underused, Windows 10 features. Qu’est-ce que? What is Cortana? Think of Cortana as your very own personal digital Virtual Assistant. It’s Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri – only better. You find Cortana right next to the Windows Start Button […]


Buy new or upgrade?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it is worth putting more money into your current computer or to just buy a new one. Unfortunately, the answer is not always that straight forward, but here are some things to consider: How old is your computer? The average computer is built to last five […]

Flexibility is the key

Flexibility is the key

We get it, your life is busy with work, family and leisure commitments. You can’t, or maybe just don’t want to do without your computer for too long. You need to know how long it will take and how much it will be. You just need things to work! That’s why we offer remote support, […]

Need for Speed

Remember the day you used your computer for the first time and just how quick it was then?    Unless you have been doing maintenance tasks on a regular basis and not made any changes to the set up of your computer (basically not really used it…), it is likely that your computer has slowed down over […]