Virus Removal and Protection

With over 6000 vicious new viruses and malware released a month – ever increasing in diversity and sophistication, it has never been more important to protect yourself, your family and your business!

Is free Antivirus software really good enough?
Is it illegal to use free software for business?
Am I fulfilling my legal duty to protect my customer data?

If you are looking for advice on which software to choose and how to set it up properly for peace of mind or virus removal, give us a call!


Help – I think I am already infected!

Don’t panic, but ACT NOW as viruses not only spread quickly, but your bank details, personal and business files could be compromised, not to mention your dignity.


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If you already have Anti-Virus software installed but are not 100% sure if it is set up correctly or if you are just looking for a second opinion – get in touch and let us put your mind at rest!

We can help find the Antivirus solution that is right for you!


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