6th April 2014 
Half Marathon Sheffield 

Another run for Martin House because their work is just amazing! 

January 2014 


A New Year – a New Challenge!No alcohol in January – but giving all the money to Cancer Research instead: 

9th September – 1st December 2013
Family Aspire Channel Swim 2013

Imagining being paralysed and not being able to do the smallest things we all take for granted each day is a paralysing thought in itself! 

It can happen to any of us and at any time: Spinal Cord Injury is devastating for the 1,200 people who are paralysed each year. Most become full time wheelchair users and Aspire strives to give them back as much independence as possible.

My 10-year-old daughter Anika heard about the Cross the Channel challenge through a friend, suggested we should take this on as a family and wasn’t deterred when I worked out that we would have to swim just under 170 lengths a week, EVERY week for TWELVE weeks!

This is our first family fundraising charity challenge and it’ll be a CHALLENGE in capital letters, so please support us for this worth cause and donate in person or of course online: