Remote IT Support - Safe and Easy

Remote IT Support – Safe and Easy

Following the latest advice on Social Distancing in regards to the Corona Virus Covid-19 measures, the elderly and vulnerable have already been asked to self-isolate and soon this may extend to many more people. But what if you’re stuck at home and your computer plays up? Who can help fix your problems and how? Remote […]

WordPress site too large warnings?

WordPress site too large warnings?

Your website is up and running beautifully one day, but then, out of the blue, you receive a message from your website hosting company telling you that your site is too large? Wait… What? Why? You haven’t made that many changes; so what’s happening? Is it Urgent? It’s not “you must drop everything right now” […]

Why it’s so easy to fall for Social Engineering and how not to

Social Engineering has been all over the news recently, but what does it actually involve and more importantly, how can we protect ourselves? What is Social Engineering? Social Engineering is the gaining of access of data using human interaction, opposed to more traditional hacking techniques such as code breaking or brute force (trial and error) […]

How to protect your Sole Trader Business

You are working hard to run your business, delivering a good product and keeping your clients happy; so you want to make sure it’s protected. But what if your computer got lost, stolen, damaged or infected? Follow these simple guidelines to keep your business up and running: Plan A 1. Back-up your data – the […]

Passwords made Easy

Long gone are the days where we had to manage only a couple of memorable passwords. These days, we need usernames and password for just about everything, from banking to online shopping and social media. Passwords ABC A) Non-guessable      (i.e. not your children’s or pet names) B) Unique and not used for anything […]

PHP 5 end of life

PHP5 End of Life

Why it’s important to know if your website is using outdated PHP  If you have a website, then there is a good chance it is using PHP – and it’s important to know which version – because PHP 5 is going to leave your website extremely vulnerable come the end of this year…  What exactly […]

Java Palaver – but do you actually need it?

Java Palaver – but do you actually need it?

You have probably seen Java’s steaming coffee cup logo in your Computer’s taskbar at some point – with a prompt to install the latest version.  Whether I am with clients for training, or to troubleshoot software issues, one question that often comes up is what Java is and whether they actually need it and should […]


How to make your site secure #https

Ever wondered why some websites have a green padlock and start with “httpS” whilst others with “http” show up as “not secure”?      What exactly is https? Https is the new standard for websites across the internet: “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure” – the emphasis being on S for Secure. But how is it […]

Social Media Security Settings

Social Media Security Settings

From Facebook to Instagram, most of us are (or know someone who is) completely invested.  Social media can be used to discuss social and economic issues, advertise, or simply share a funny video with your friends. However, as issues like online bullying and cybercrime are ever present, it is essential to keep yourself protected. A […]

How to get your IT compliant with GDPR in 3 Easy Steps

Everybody is talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which is coming into force on 25th May 2018. The official Guide by the ICO can be found here – but what does that actually mean when it comes to all things IT?  As part of the directive, business owners have a duty to protect the […]