Free Emails – there is no such thing as a free lunch

Free email is great – from Gmail, Yahoo and – you can take them anywhere, own them forever and never have to pay… The Best things in life are free… Free really means free here in the financial sense, unless you exceed the storage space -limits are different from provider to provider. You won’t […]

Keeping WordPress Safe

Keeping WordPress Safe

If you thought that your website is not “important” enough to be hacked, think again!  Hackers don’t discriminate and certainly don’t just target high profile companies. WordPress is still our favourite Content Management System for Websites but with almost 30% of all websites using WordPress, it’s probably also one of the most targeted by hackers. […]


3G, 4G, 4GG – understanding what it’s all about

4G and its current state of play in the UK What is 4G 4G is the latest mobile network technology introduced in the UK in 2012. Besides voice calls, it enables fast internet browsing, video calling, mapping etc. on mobile devices at speeds comparable to broadband speeds. 4G stands for “fourth generation” – defined by […]



If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear?! Or do you…  We are living in one of the most surveilled countries in Europe and our every move is watched whether through cameras on the streets or through our Internet Service Provider online. Why are VPN no longer just used by larger businesses […]

The Real Cost of Data Loss

The Real Cost of Data Loss

 … and why we should REALLY back-up our files We know we should back-up our files – family photos, accounts, business files and of course everything else we really cannot afford to lose (like software licenses, emails…). But am I really at risk of data loss? So, you’re a “safe surfer”, have first-class Anti-Virus software […]

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Computer Health Checks – money worth spending?

  Computer Health Checks are usually a staple offering from every computer repair business – but do you really need it and is it money worth spending?   What exactly is a Computer Health Check? It’s a little bit like booking your car in for a Service. However, what exactly is included in a health […]


Stop those Windows Updates?

Hands up who hates Windows updates! They can be inconvenient, un-timely and cause havoc – so, are they necessary or can they be turned off? What are Windows updates? Microsoft releases regular Windows updates all the time – they range from new features to fixing problems and, most importantly, security patches that rectify security vulnerabilities, […]

How to use Cortana - Cortana Misunderstood - Parlez Vous Cortana?

How to use Cortana – Cortana Misunderstood – Parlez Vous Cortana?

Cortana was introduced for PCs with Windows 10 – and remains one of the best, yet underused, Windows 10 features. Qu’est-ce que? What is Cortana? Think of Cortana as your very own personal digital Virtual Assistant. It’s Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri – only better. You find Cortana right next to the Windows Start Button […]

Password Shmassword

Password Shmassword

Password Manager Ok, so we probably all know about Password Etiquette – but let’s start off with a little reminder: Password Do’s and Don’ts Passwords should be: 1) Non-guessable          (no, not your pet’s name!) 2) Unique                      (don’t reuse your passwords!) 4) Upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols 3) Maximum number of […]

Webdesign Harrogate

WordPress 101

Webdesign Harrogate Did you know we design WordPress websites? What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source (free) Content Management System (CMS) used to create easy to maintain websites and blogs. It’s the main frame of a website that allows building blocks (“Plugins”) to be added to it if and when required to give it extra […]